Elf Ears of Baldur’s Gate 3

Ok, so they are not all elves, but there are so many pointed ears in Baldur’s Gate 3; how do you know which ones to go with? Well, Mike here to help you choose.

These are not all perfect; these are just my opinion of which ones fit the best. If you don’t like my choice, then go with your own! No matter what, Aradani elf Ears will look better than those plastic clip-on things (#qualityelfears)

Baldur’s Gate Elf Ears

I am going in alphabetical order, not by favorites, so no judging.


Oh, Astarion. If I wasn’t a rogue you would be along just for your witty tongue. Umm, I mean his sarcasm! What do you think this is, the first night in camp?

Astarion Vampire Ears

Astarion’s ears go back at a 45 degree angle and point upward. Our Nomad Elf Ears would be the best choice in my opinion. Even though they have a slight upward curve to the point, they match the size and angle of Astarion’s points.


Halsin Druid Ears

Halsin seems like a fun guy, and he will probably be in my party for the second play-through. Sadly in my first, he has spent most of his time in camp. For his ears, they have the same angle as Astarion, but they have a slight downward curve. The Moon Elf Ears would be the perfect ears to replicate his look.


Jaheira Elf Ears

I have some blurry memories of Jaheira from my Baldur’s Gate 1 playthrough, but in this one, she seemed to not like my Rogue or his .. snarky attitude. She has joined my camp, but also spent most of her time there, just staring at me with angry eyes. We don’t have a perfect match for her ears. She has very round and defined helix (yep, that’s what the outer “ring” of our ear is called. I should know, I just looked it up). Most of our elf ears don’t have this. Maybe we will have some new ones in the future. Sun Elf Ears would be a good match size and angle-wise.


Tiefling Ears - Best Elf ears for Karlach

Oh, bestill my infernal heart. Karlach is a lot of fun. she traveled with me for a while, but soon she ended up staying at the camp a lot when I thought she would have better interactions with the Wizard I plan to play on my second playthrough. Look, this game is filled with hard choices. So her ears are large and arc up at a 30-degree angle. The best ear may depend on your personal build. If you are smaller in stature, the Wild Elf Ear would be perfect. It would have a good shape and size. If you are taller, the Large Anime may be the way to go.


Laezel Elf err Githyanki Ears

Laezel, why are you so mean to me? Well, I guess you were mean til that time at the celebration when you got a little weird. Hmm, no wonder you ended up romancing my roguish pirate character. For Laezel, we don’t have any exact match again. The Royal Fae ears would work for the shape and angle, but you will be missing the little studs. The Dragon ears have multiple points, but don’t match in the exact curve and length. So this one is up to you all to decide.


Minthara Drow Ears

Minthara, there is not much to say because I don’t know anything. I blasted you into oblivion from the shadows and then stole your evening clothes for Shadowheart. For Minthara elf ears, I would say you best bet is the Anime Elf Ears. They may lack the interior detail, but match the size and angle well. The Wild Elf ears could work, but I keep leaning toward the anime myself.


Shadowheart Elf Ears

Why am I nervous about picking elf ears for Shadowheart? Is it because she seems always on the edge of getting upset when I make the wrong choice? One minute we are getting along fine and the next, super angry. Sorry, I didn’t know that cutting your hand and pouring the blood into a bowl as a sacrifice would make you so happy. For Shadowheart I would go with Sun Elf Ears or maybe Half Elf Ears.

Shadowheart upset?
Yep, the exact face she makes every time I make a decision.

And don’t think these choices are limited to Baldur’s Gate 3 Elf ears; these can also be used for your own PC D&D characters!