Bright Elves and Orcs

So the movie Bright is not without its problems. There were things that made me cringe, and there were cheesy things I shouldn’t have laughed at, but I did.

But this is the closest we will probably ever get to a Shadowrun movie or TV show. And I love cyberpunk. And elves. So Shadowrun is a no brainer. Plus Elmore did the cover for the book I owned, which also rocks.

Shadowrun RPG, painting by Larry Elmore
Shadowrun RPG, painting by Larry Elmore

Oh and the SNES Shadowrun game. I don’t remember much about the plot, but it stirred my imagination for sure.

Shadowrun SNES
Shadowrun SNES

I even did my own Shadowrun Decker cosplay a few years back, based on an image I found online that I thought looked like me (or at least a younger me).

Shadowrun Decker Bright Elf Movie
Shadowrun Decker

All this is to say I have a love for this genre. Bright sort of filled this niche for entertainment. I wish it had been more cyberpunk. A little more neon, a little less Training Day.

The design work on orcs and elves was great, and I enjoyed their looks. I also wanted to give some thoughts on what appliances from Aradani could help create the looks of Bright.

Tikka the elf

For Tikka, we would definitely recommend the Wood Elf Ears.

Tikka the Elf - Bright
Tikka the Elf

The slight curve and medium size is perfect for the wood elf ear, though her ears have a little more definition in the ridges. This could easily be rectified with make up.



Leilah was definitely a badass, and would make a great boss baddie for any Shadowrun RPG. I liked how her look was reminiscent of the elves in Hellboy.

Leilah Bright Elf

Wood elf ears would work great for her too. Elf ears, leather jacket, blonde wig, and contacts and you are good to go. Bring your own bad ass attitude. 

Her ears a little more rough than our wood elves, but once again, a little make-up contouring could fix that.

bright elves, bright elf



Kandomere’s ears are a little different than an style we have, and may be a future product of ours when Bright returns for the sequel. They remind me a little of Thranduil’s elf ears.

Bright elf



The orcs are looked really good if their overbearing storyline was ignored. They have always lived with us and not one, no single orc has ever been a cop before? Come on.

(Ok, ok, put it away Mike, just enjoy it for the problematic, buddy cop Shadowrun movie it is)

We have a new orc mask (which we still need some good photos of), which would work great. The new mask is missing a chin, which allows for easy use during LARPing or cosplaying, but if you plan to do a hairless orc like in Bright, you will need to do some makeup.


So until season 2, or a real Shadowrun movie, 

Mike out.