Aradani Druid Grove

The Druid Grove project is to transform the landscape around the Aradani Office into a wildlife and plant habitat.

We will only plant native species of plants, use natural fertilizers, and create safe places for local wildlife.

In 2014 we purchased 2 acres of land in Northeast Nashville, and moved in during the summer of 2015. We have been busy getting the shop set up, repairing the buildings, getting a HVAC installed, etc. But as Spring approaches, our attention has turned to the land around our office.

At Aradani, we all feel a strong stewardship to the land, and we want to make our urban property beautiful and bountiful.

Planned changes:

  • Build a shelter for local rabbits
  • Build bat boxes
  • Create a frog pond
  • Become a Bird sanctuary
  • Provide food for butterflies.
  • Start a native bee colony.
  • Get certified by the National Wildlife Association
  • Stop the use of pesticides and herbicides on the property.
  • Plant trees and shrubs that are native to Middle Tennessee
  • Beautify our land in a responsible way.
  • Add solar power.

Our Progress at Elfland:

When we bought the property the land was pretty barren (save for bermuda grass) and the building was not the the most hobbit like.


We first ripped down the boarded windows, installed a fence, and started on the interior.


Next we finished out the garage doors, planted some landscaping, and started repainting the exterior wood.


A month ago, we added the Aradani sign!12377863_10154596761373475_7342693422461682040_o

We also have some work to do to the back warehouse.


The first step this Spring is to bring in some trees (we planted one Oak tree in the Fall), as well as get the gravel parking lot finished and a water channel to divert water from the back warehouse. Also, we will start our rabbit hideaway!


Bee Colony

We are hoping to attract local bees, which tend to be solitary. Luckily, there is someone else in Middle Tennessee who is sharing some great knowledge on how to do this! Thanks to Half Hill Farm!