Celebration of Skyward Sword

To celebrate the upcoming release of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Aradani started work on a new Hero costume designed specifically for the game. While I am still a fan of the realism of the Twilight Princess costume, I know many people are looking for costumes tailored to look just like the game. Our goal was to capture the cel-shaded look of Skyward Sword in a real life costume, which isn’t always easy.

This first photo is an homage to the first concept art released for the new game, where Link is swordless standing with his back to the unknown girl (who many speculate could be the Master Sword?). For this costume, we went with a much lighter green, made with a cotton knit material. The goal was to find a material that would best represent the cel-shaded quality, and a non-shiny material will not have as many bright highlights as the velour used in the Twilight Princess costume.

The shirt is the same shirt as used in all our other Hero costumes. So little of it showed that we can’t really tell if there is significant differences between the various games. The pants however are very different for Skyward Sword. They are a much dirtier tan color than TP, as well as being significantly baggier. Ocarina of Time is super bright, super tight. Twilight Princess is a grayish creme, and some wrinkles. Skyward Sword is almost a burlap sack.

The hat in the game also seems to be less pointy, and be bulkier at the end. We rounded the tip and made a small pillow to stick inside to give it some body. As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, please post some comments or send us an email. Thanks!