Aradani Sponsored Cosplayers

So we are planning on launching a new program. We have so many great people using our products and we want to share your stories on our website. I know most cosplayers like to talk about their costumes, and here is your chance!

And, this is not just a one way street. We plan to pay you in store credit for your articles!

So this is how it will work. You send us a note that says “Hey, I use your __product__ in my _costume_ and I would like to submit an article about it!” Please include sample photos of the costume and links to articles/descriptions you have written in the past. Once we send approval you send us an article!

The article must be 500 to 2000 words, unique to our site (you can write about the costume on other sites, but the wording must be different, no copying and pasting!), and include at least 2 photos with rights to post (the photographer must give you the rights to use on websites).

For every article we approve, we will give you 3 cents per word plus $1 per photo in store credit.

Sound like something you may like to do? Great!

Send us your questions, comments or critiques!