Shannara Elf

Shannara Elf photo

So the Elfstones of Shannara season one is over. We have had a few requests for the styles of ear that were in the show, so here is the break down to get you the best ears for your Shannara elf cosplay!

Wil Ohmsford – Half Elf – The Heir of Shannara Elf

After the death of his mother to sickness, he resolves to leave his home in Shady Vale to study the art of healing at Storlock, despite the protests of his uncle Flick Ohmsford. Naive and out of his depth, he is nearly killed by a Troll and robbed by the Rover girl Eretria before the DruidAllanon finds him and tasks him with protecting the Elven Princess Amberle Elessedil.

Wil elf ears 2 Wil elf ears

Wil has very small pointed ears, which the show did not let us forget as the joke of “small tips” kept coming up. Which is funny because the best ear tips for him are the Small silicone tips.


Everyone else’s ears are much larger, but not as large as some of our larger styles. Here are some images of the various elves, and then our recommendation, the wood elf ear.

 Amberle Elessedil

Amberle is the main character of the Elfstones of Shannara. She is the Chosen of the Ellcrys, and of royal Elessedil blood.
Amberle elf ears
 Amberle’s elf ears are much larger than Wil’s, and they look just like our Wood elf ears.
They are also available as silicone elf ears, just like they used in the show:


Uncle Ander