Sam Flegal



Sam is an independent illustrator and co-host of One Fantastic Week, a weekly webshow about self employed fantasy artists. He also teaches and speaks at numerous conventions, colleges, workshops (including The Fantastic Workshop hosted by 1FW), and other events. Some of the topics Sam covers are salesmanship, art, breaking into the game industry, and succeeding as an independent artist.

In his personal work Sam explores his passion for Norse Mythology, a series called Fateful Signs. Learn more at


One Fantastic Week started with a simple idea. Peter Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal wanted to share the kinds of conversations they had at cons with a wider audience. So they started a weekly web show designed to help artists find success on their own terms. The pair interviews other working artists about their businesses, their lives and how the two intersect. By sharing their experiences, they encourage all artists towards greater success. Watch the latest episode at


Growing out of One Fantastic Week, Pete and Sam started a workshop where artists can immerse themselves in the business of art. In addition to teaching, they bring in amazing faculty with expertise in various forms of art and business to work one-on-one with attendees, give lectures, and do demos.

Learn more about The Fantastic Workshop at