Digital Dance Party

April 10-11th, 2020

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AradaniCon is hosting a digital dance party for all to attend?

How does this work?

We will be running music in our discord, hosting voice chats and text chats in discord, and providing a live video feed in Zoom that others can join up to!

How to get ready.

  1. Download Discord.
  2. Join the Aradani Discord
  3. Download Zoom and make an account. 


How to join the dance the night of the party?

  1. Join the Aradani Discord
  2. Enter the Dance Party Voice Channel. Make sure your headphones icon is enabled.
    1. To adjust the volume of the music, right click Groovy the DJ and adjust its user volume.
  3. Click the Zoom link. It will be posted in the Announcements and Scheduling Channel, as well as posted here. Or just ask in chat! Zoom will be muted, so it will just serve as a digital dance floor, connecting all our individual dance floors into one giant screen of dancing!


If I want to have a discussion with someone at the party, how do I do it?

We have voices muted in the dance party so the music isn’t interrupted. We have a couple different voice lobbies available. We can add more as needed, or jump into a video chat within Discord!

Can I add songs? 

The DJ loads a playlist and after that it just goes. we will do our best to have a good assortment of music from all genres and times. But this is a dance party, so there will be lots of beats and not so many acoustic numbers.