Ever since I sculpted the ears, I have always wanted to make a troll costume.  I’m not a very intimidating person, so I thought it would be fun to try on a different persona.  Who knew I would enjoy being a troll so much?  The first thing I do is pinterest all of the coolest costume pieces I can find on the internet.  Here is a link to my troll pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/aradanistudios/troll-orcs-ogres-and-more/

The first part of my costume that I made was my belt.  Leather is so fun and surprisingly easy to work with(if you have the right tools).  I have a belt I got from Hobby Lobby over 15 years ago.  My old dog had thought it was a chew toy at one point, and he had ripped part of the fur off it.  What a great way to start my costume!  I riveted leather pieces from our scrap bin to the bottom of the belt.  Tandy Leather also sells scraps of leather in bags if you aren’t lucky enough to work at a place that has tons of scraps.  (https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/upholstery-remnants-8-oz)  I had to add a buckle to the belt because it originally tied on which annoys me beyond all belief when I am getting ready in the morning.   I attached a resin cat skull to finish off the look.  We offer resin cat and raven skulls.  You could even use an imp skull for a more fantastical approach!

Front of belt

Back of belt

I knew I wanted to go with earthtones, a lot of browns and greens.  I found one of my old brown skirts in the bottom of my costume bin.  It is double layered, and I wanted to make it look worn and torn for a rougher overall feel.  



To distress the bottom hem, my boyfriend, Clayton, took it to our wire brush grinder and used a block of wood to get an organic torn edge to the bottom.  After roughing up the bottom, I used a utility knife to cut many smaller tears throughout the whole skirt.  I then started two cuts at the bottom and tore them to create long openings over both of my legs.  It looks cool, but over the Renaissance Festival season, the slits have been getting higher and higher.  Luckily there is a layer underneath, and I can always wear extra skirts as a base layer.  The last thing I did on the skirt was to set it out in my driveway to get sunbleached.  It only took a couple weeks for the effect I wanted.  None of the pictures show the sunbleached areas, and I keep setting it outside to get more wear and tear!

Detail of the distressed skirt hem

I used faux fur and a leather string to create my wrap.  I use it for all of my costumes in the cooler weather.  It keeps me so warm!  I also have sweater arm warmers that I received as a present, but you could purchase a sweater from the thrift store and cut the arms off to create something similar.

To finish the look I got my hair braided for the weekend on Saturday morning.  Maybe Mike or Paul can learn how to braid hair for next time…

Where to buy the rest of the pieces not made by me:

I purchased my bodice from Back to Earth Creations.  It is so comfortable to wear while working all day.

I purchased my shirt from https://www.etsy.com/listing/245907768/pixie-dress-renaissance-festival-dress

I purchased my bone necklace during the Halloween season at a department store.

Remember to complete your troll costume, you have to put on your RAWR face.



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