HocusPocus1Hi, it’s Sara again!  I made this costume for Halloween 2013.  I’ve always wanted to do a costume from Hocus Pocus since I was a little kid.  Luckily I had two friends who were willing to do it with me!  I was Sarah Sanderson.  The costume was pretty easy to put together.  I had to go to a lot of wig stores to find a blonde wavy wig which seemed strange.  I bought the cloak at Wal-Mart in the Halloween section.  The lace shirt was found at a cheap clothing store.  I borrowed the bodice from a friend.  I always have lots of spiders for Halloween decorations, so of course I needed to carry that around since she eats one in the movie.  I grabbed a mop from the office and my friend, Rachel, borrowed my vacuum for her Mary Sanderson costume.  My skirts were both from thrift stores.  I dyed one of them to be a darker purple, and the red velour one was cut to hang just in the front of my skirts.  I also had to learn to do smokey eyes since I rarely wear more than face moisturizer.

HocusPocus2 HocusPocus3