Hypericon 7 – 2011 Review at Conspyer

Author Guest of Honor: Glen Cook Artist Guest of Honor: Loren Damewood Hypericon is one of our home shows which always hold a dear place in our hearts. This year saw a little downsizing of Hypericon, but I swore I would pay no attention to that and try to fit all my normal goofing off […]

Chattacon 2011

Aradani Studios is getting ready to start our convention season! Chattacon 2011 We are packing up art and deciding what costume products to bring as I write this. Well, its early for us artists, we are drinking our coffee and about to start doing actual work. (Hey I stayed up to 1am working on my […]

So many new costume items and accessories!

This summer has been so busy with making new items to be brought to you soon on the website as well as at GenCon and DragonCon. We have new longer silicone ear tips made off of the high elf latex ear design. Mike and I have been working on an alien silicone full head prosthetic. […]