So many new costume items and accessories!

This summer has been so busy with making new items to be brought to you soon on the website as well as at GenCon and DragonCon. We have new longer silicone ear tips made off of the high elf latex ear design. Mike and I have been working on an alien silicone full head prosthetic. […]

Steampunk Accessories!

We are starting to update our steampunk section and have added different types of goggles and more! We have also added masks: As well as some Airship Wings! We are adding new things as fast as we can make them. Soon we will be adding bustles and neck corsets!

New Creepy Surgical Germ Masks

A new line of Latex prosthetics we have started at Aradani, is gothic, horror, steampunk masks. This is the first prototype of a strange alien horror mask. We will have a standard unpainted in black or brown and a high quality one painted by myself and with little touches like hard plastic horns.

New Articles!

Added some new articles today. First is the Myrddraal costume article discussing the costume I wore this year at Dragoncon. Myddraal Costume Next is the Assassin’s Creed Costume Article: Assassin’s Creed Costume As well as an article about the start of my Fallout 3 Costume: Fallout 3 Reilly’s Rangers Costume